The Bones of the Garden

Recently I had Diana from Sharing Natures Garden and Diana’s Designs come out to give me some Garden Coaching.  We’re sitting on a limestone slope facing West.  It makes for beautiful sunset views, but it’s hell trying to get anything to  grow. I really needed some knowledge, inspiration and organization in my garden.

She gave me written advice, a Grow Green booklet from the city of Austin, and a ton of inspiration! Thank you Diana! And her words have stuck with me when I start feeling overwhelmed, “Your garden definitely has some good bones.”


I was inspired to actually sit down, draw out my landscape/garden, and actually THINK about what I needed/wanted.   Before, I would just go to my favorite nurseries here in town and pick out plants, willy nilly, having no real plan in mind.


The start of my entire 2/3 acre design–right now though we’re just focusing on the back and south side of the property and will go along as our budget will allow. IMG_0763

Man I wish we could just win the lottery…


Now, I’ve got a plan–although I change it pretty frequently–and I’m trying not to buy plants just because they look pretty in the nursery.  But I don’t/can’t always follow through…

Case in point, this morning glory ‘flying saucer’ vine…


IMG_2290 IMG_2342

But look how awesome the cork-screw blooms look before opening!


Well I guess we’ll see whether or not she’ll be victorious or if death becomes her…good gravy, it’s hard to have willpower!

Anyways here are the “bones”  of the back bed we started with when we bought this rocky slope 5ish years ago…

Cringe worthy back yard bed…


The back porch was covered with plywood and painted eggplant–shudder–IMG_0091 IMG_0809

Here’s the rock wall my husband and I built almost 3 years ago.  We took out the old railroad ties, used rock found on the property, added soil, and planted native plants kind of wherever. Can anyone say #newbiestogardening??

These are mid-build.

IMG_5064 IMG_7092

We took a couple years off from working in this bed when I became preggo and then again when we had the Budge.  We’re just now getting back into the swing of things and it feels great!

The Bones of the back wall TODAY–well in February anyways–with some thought out plant choices:


IMG_1801 IMG_1800

The canoe has since been sold, still have the corgi though…IMG_1778

These next shots were taken this past weekend. I love Texas in May!

Here’s a shot of some Virginia Creeper growing on the north end of the wall.


Some Cedar Sage blooming

IMG_2300 IMG_2299

Here’s Honey relaxing in the feather grass on the south end of wall.IMG_2358

And now for some plants I never have to water, AKA the best kind!



Although Budge does like to disassemble these…

We still need to plant a few plants (although I’m going to add most of my plants in October) and add some more soil and mulch to this back bed.  I’ll update ya when it’s done!

Now to get some meat on these bones…

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