Mother’s Day Weekend Wins!

 IMG_1643 & IMG_1700

This Mother’s Day was the second time I, myself, was celebrated as a mom, and it was awesome!  It was more like all weekend…but I’m the mom so I make the rules…and the Hubs, Budge and I were celebrating all the mama’s in our lives so…(well most of them…Bar and Goo, we’ll see ya on Tuesday!)

Saturday started off with us heading out to listen to my mother-in-law sing in her (mostly) gospel choir at the Driftwood May Fest in Driftwood, Texas. Here you can see even the wildflowers were dancing along!

I love how the Mealy Sage (Salvia farinacea) mingles with the yellow of the ?Huisache Daisy or Butterweed? (Amblyolepis setigera) and the gold of the of the Stiff Greenthread (Thelesperma filifolium)


And this little guy or gal was content to hang out on the picnic table and take in the tunes, never moving even when coming in close for a picture.


And I scored this Mother’s Day gift for myself!! What a steal?! Agave americana var. marginata


Here’s the mama plant (photo courtesy of Robin)…I promise to be the best “other mother” to your pup.


On Sunday, we loaded the car and headed up north to the Blackland Prairie region of Texas just south of Waco, but not before I snapped some awesome shots in the garden.

Morning glory 'flying saucer'
Morning glory ‘flying saucer’

Morning glory 'flying saucer'
Morning glory ‘flying saucer’

Morning glory 'flying saucer'
Morning glory ‘flying saucer’

Pink Globe Mallow
Pink Globe Mallow

Opuntia–prickly pear
We went out to the land where my grandmother is buried.  It used to be heavily farmed and grazed, all 25 acres.  It has sat vacant, with little disturbance for over 9 years now, and has gone back to a really natural state that awes me.  Even though the mosquitoes might run me off a little sooner than I would like and the mesquite (that rode in on some coastal hay the cows munched on) is choking out some of the local native trees and shrubs.

Texas Thistle…thanks for holding it still Dad!


Opuntia and Wine Cup


This photo is my favorite.  I love all the blooms from the prickly pear popping up among the wild oats. I feel like you can see the movement!


This is the only thing left standing of the one-time fence around the huge vegetable garden.

Thistle and wild oats

The sky threatened to pour down on us but instead, just provided a great backdrop.


This hurty guy was standing centry right next to the burial site, keeping out unwanted intruders I’m guessing. Texas Bullnettle (Cnidoscolus texanus)…ouch!


It’s hard to get perspective with an iPhone, but that grape vine has got to be one of the biggest I’ver ever seen, nicely shading the graves of my grandmother and uncle.  I guess all thanks to being so close to a river bottom.  Also, most Texans know this, but Mustang Grapes are best with lots of sugar.


I also “saw” some garden art, courtesy of my uncle, placed there years ago. #punnyright?


A Monobia quadridens wasp was furiously trying to get at something.  Side note: It never noticed us…until my brilliant husband said “Take one with the flash.” We got a small workout in too! #whoknewIcouldrunsofastinsnakecountry


And some Red Harvester Ants have carved out a little niche in the wild oats. Don’t kill these if you have them on your property! They are a mainstay for Horny Toad Lizards (Texas Horned Lizard) and fire ants have pushed so many out of their homes that the Horny Toad has become a protected species.


My son probably would’ve gone crazy if he’d seen this spittle bug.  He’s obsessed with the bugs in Eric Carle’s The Very Quiet Cricket. 


I’ll leave you with this video of the wild oats swaying in the wind.  Sorry for the wind noise though!

I hope your Mother’s Day (weekend) was as wonderful as mine.  Thanks to all the Mama’s in my life and all those that mother (aunts, nurses, teachers, cousins, etc). I wouldn’t be the mother I am today without you wonderful ladies.

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