The “Pearl” of San Antonio

This weekend I had the pleasure of hanging out with three of my best friends from high school in the sub-tropical, or so it felt, San Antonio Pearl Brewery. (Side Note: Thank you sweet Hubs for watching the Budge a day and a half! #BestHusbandEver)

Pearl Brewery Entrance Farmers Market

We came to visit the local farmers’ market, but the off the chain landscaping in the recently renovated area was what caught my eye and the eye of my iPhone!

Pearl Brewery Courtyard Concrete Planters Raised beds

The plants seemed well suited to the hot, almost sub-tropical environment, but also perfect for any xeriscaped garden.

Pearl Brewery Plants Pale Leaf Yucca Concrete Planter

The Pale Leaf Yuccas were in full bloom.

Pearl Brewery Concrete Planter Pale Leaf Yucca Bamboo Muhly

And played nicely off the chartreuse foliage of the bamboo muhly.

Pearl Brewery Concrete Planter Blue Palm Creeping Heart

I seriously was in love with the color combination of the silver palm (not sure of the species) and the purple heart, contained by the concrete planter.  It made for good seating and good planting. 🙂

Blue Sabal and Purple Heart raised xeric bed

And some small, bright green agaves (again not sure of the species)

Octopus Agave xeriscape Pearl Brewery

Here’s a close up!

Pearl Brewery Metal Fountain Courtyard

Here you can see the fantastic, contemporary fountain that unfortunately wasn’t running…and the couple across the way, eyeing me suspiciously.  I imagine it to be quite the oasis on a hot day.

Pearl Brewery arboretum courtyard fountain

And some lovely ladies relaxing in the shade of one of the semi mature shade trees. The gravel patio lightened the whole space up, making everything feel cool and spacious.

Pearl Brewery Fountain Smokestack Courtyard

Another shot of the steel fountain and the Pearl Brewery smoke stack, no longer in operation.

Pearl Brewery Courtyard Fountain

And another view of the courtyard.  Note the lovely umbrellas to help provide shade for the areas not covered by the trees yet.

Elephant Ears Pearl Brewery

And some plants around the fountain…along with a lady getting her picture taken.  They’re both lovely.

Pearl Brewery Metal Arbor wall Patio Industrial Contemporary landscape

Pearl Brewery Industrial Contemorary Landscape Metal Arbor Wall

A steel arbor and wall covered a concrete patio.  They were trying to train a vine up the posts, but not a lot was growing…maybe too hot?

Boiler House Steel Trellis Pearl Brewery

A stell trellis-like wall separated the fountain courtyard from the steel arbor seating area and Boiler House restaurant.  Steel Trellis Concrete Planter Contemporary Landscape

A view from the fountain courtyard side.

Steel Trellis Bougainvillea Contemporary Landscape Pearl Brewery

A close up with Bougainvilleas being trained up it.

Pink Bougainvillea Pearl Brewery

Even closer close up of the Bougainvilleas.

Pearl Brewery plants palm

With my back to the steel trellis wall and facing into the fountain courtyard, you could see this sunken down moat/rain garden thing.

Pearl Brewery Rain Garden

It looked like elephant ears and palms filled this area. I guess plants that could take full sun and didn’t mind the occasional ‘wet feet’ from the run off.

Pearl Brewery Recycled Planter Industrial Landscape Contemporary

These awesome reclaimed boiler planters were filled with purple oxalis, flowering happily away and some sort of palm.

Pearl Brewery Recycled Planter Industrial Landscape Contemporary Purple Oxalis

Another just because. #myfavoriteofalltime

It was time now, to move towards our next and most important destination: food…and margaritas.

Boiler House Pearl Brewery Repurposed hot water heater planter

Note the awesome reclaimed propane tank planters outside the Boiler House.

  repurposed recycled metal planter


La Gloria's Pearl Brewery metal garden art

This friendly guy and his cactus greeted us at La Gloria on the San Antonio River.

La Gloria's Pearl Brewery San Antonio

Along with some river-loving friends.  Or CackCacks as a certain Budge likes to call them.

But honestly, who cares about plants and landscapes, when you can have one of these! 😉

Mangonada La Gloria's San Antonio Pearl Brewery
Mangonada at La Gloria’s

Seriously though, Pearl Brewery is a must see in San Antonio! Loved it… and the chile tamarindo straw in the Mangonada. #redfingersandtongue

6 thoughts on “The “Pearl” of San Antonio

  1. Thank you for the mini-tour. I just love San Antonio. Such a pretty place. I -think- the silver leafed palm you saw was a native Sabal minor. They sometimes have silvery blue leaves. Mangonada? I am definitely going to have to have one of those some day soon! I hate to admit my ignorance but I have never heard of that before. Thanks for the tip. =)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for the plant ID Debra! And you’ll definitely have to try the mangonada and some street tacos…they’re fantastic and I had never heard of them until this trip either!


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