Throwback Thursday: Sunset!

I don’t know if it was the much needed rain clearing the skies or if the sun just felt happy, but either way we were graced with a killer view!  So awesome that I saw pictures of it all over Facebook that evening and the next day.  So here is my throwback…

I got my adrenaline pumping by climbing a slick, wet roof to get these first two.

Pink Clouds Orange SunsetCotton candy clouds…delish.

Pink Clouds

Now for this next picture, lets just focus on the colors. Shall we? It might’ve been the caffeine or the adrenaline, but I couldn’t keep my hands/camera steady to save my life, so Mrs. Chaste tree is slightly out of focus…

Chaste Tree Silhouette

♫ Fly me to the moon ♫…Ratibida columnifera (Mexican Hat) silhouetted and ready for lift off!

Ratibida Columnifera Sunset Silhouette

And lastly I leave you with a Live Oak view.

Live Oak Sunset SilhouetteSo long sunset…

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