Road Trippin’

As our Memorial Day weekend ended, we left our friends in San Angelo, and headed back towards Austin.

When coming through Llano, we saw quite a few people heading for the bridge, so we decided to make traffic worse by slowing down to see what the commotion was about.


Can you see it??

Llano River bridge and damHow ’bout now??

Ok, sooooo after causing more cars to slow down, we whipped a right after the bridge ended and got this cool picture and video.

Llano river topping dam

No.  That’s NOT Niagra Falls people.

And then of course I noticed the little park next to the river, so we just had to get out and take some pictures stretch our legs… (disclaimer: these were all taken using the iPhone, but I still think they came out pretty good!)

gnarly oak2

This little park sat on the southeast side of Hwy 71, and you can see the Live Oaks are loving this rain.

Llano Cross

The rain has clearly done a number on the decomposed granite path.

llano park scenery

Here the water is rising up onto the banks but you can see the gaillardia and yucca are still blooming strong.

Llano River bridge and flood

A look up the river, churning and burning.

Llano River and Park sceneryMore gaillardia and yucca.

gaillardia and grass

Note the water level in the back…yikes!gaillardia

A little battered by the rain but still beautiful.


A stack of river rocks looks out over the rising waters.

FullSizeRender (31)This vernal pool is loving the wet weather…at least I think this would qualify as a vernal pool.

Rock stack with bridge Rock Stack

I spy…Rock Stack with lizard

…a lizard! Found him yet?

Rock stack with camo lizard

Talk about some awesome camo.  Hopefully you can see the granite colored rock lizard.  Luckily he’s got some higher ground to run to if the waters rise any more.

photobombA little photobomb by the Budge. He seamlessly fits into the frame 😉

weird tree stick

A cool dead-tree-rock-totem pole thing greets you as walk down to the water.

rocks in tree stick

The rocks are artfully designed and then somehow stuck in the tree.  #IWantIt

wild oats

Some wild oats lighten up the scenery.

FullSizeRender (34)

The Retama and prickly pear appear to be drowning, but I’m sure they’ll bounce back after the waters recede. Aww the beauty of native plants.

flooded llano river and wildflowers

Not sure on the ID of these little bushels of yellow flowers, but they loved the decomposed granite they were growing in.

flooded llano river

creepy tree hut with jail

Ok this little thing was super creepy.  Luckily it was out in the open, rather than out in the woods ala The Blair Witch Project. FullSizeRender (33)

The Llano jail in the background.creepy tree hut close up

Pretty solidly built little structure, as it seemed totally unaffected by the runoff. Some child (?or adult?) should be proud of their architectural abilities.

Llano River PanaSo long Llano.

2 thoughts on “Road Trippin’

  1. What a wonderful visit to Llano, where we camped and hiked many years ago. I haven’t been back to Texas since we moved to NC 16 years ago, but long for the beautiful, open spaces. Your photos, and this blog, allow me to visit Texas online, until that time when I will visit in person again. Thank You!


    1. That’s so great to hear June! This state has such an awesome array of ecosystems and environments to document, and I’m happy to share. Hopefully y’all can make it back sometime soon while all the lakes are full!


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