Garden Bloggers Bloom Day!

Thank you to Carol at May Dreams Gardens for hosting the Garden Blogger Bloom Day. This is my first bloom post! Woohoo!

My Mullein (Verbascum, which is a leftover from the previous owners, for the first time ever since I’ve been here, has sent up an almost 6 foot tall bloom spike.

There’s a shorter one right behind it!

The leaves can be used in medicinal or herbal teas! I’m not brave enough to try it though…

The perks of not mowing your yard…wild flowers! Purple lemon bee balm (Monarda citriodora) is going crazy surrounded by Gaillardia and some sexy zexi (Wedelia hispida).


‘Salinas Pink’ vitex (AKA chaste tree), another hand-me-down, is blooming magnificently and

…matches the house!

We also have the regular purple vitex blooming, and while these are considered to be invasive in Central Texas, neither have reseeded in the 5+ years we’ve been living here. But #buyerbeware

In other weird news, this flowering quince ‘Texas Scarlet’ bloomed again! After reading everything about this plant, I thought it would only bloom in the colder months, but she surprised me. Unfortunately this past week, she’s starting to look a little wilty, hopefully she’ll bounce back and we won’t have another death…

Also, my most favorite plant in the garden…Pink Globe Mallow. Putting out new blooms every day for the past 3 weeks!

And the party plants of the garden…Lantana.

Most are volunteers.

A new favorite…morning glory ‘flying saucer’. I’ve moved it to a shadier area, since it doesn’t seem to like the heat. Fingers crossed that it can hang on through the summer.

And last but not least, Rock Rose (Pavonia) sends up small hibiscus like flowers with minimal watering and terrible soil conditions. #ShesAKeeper

What’s blooming in your neck of the woods??

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