A Walk Around the Garden Today

Budge and I decided to take the dogs for a walk outside this morning while it was still “cool” (AKA low 90’s)…ahh Texas summers…

We snapped some pics while plodding about following the corgi…I really should stop taking pictures and actually do some work butttttttt…..

tievine-sharp pod morning glory

Above you can see the Tievine (Ipomeoea cordatotriloba) tying itself to the fig tree.

tievine-purple bindweed-gaillardia

And here it’s working its magic as a ground cover…intertwining with the gaillardia.  The chartreuse foliage is almost as nice as the purple blooms!

fat baby hand gaillardia

Sweetest picture ever?? Yes. He didn’t even pick that Gaillardia…but he destroyed the Tievine bloom. 🙂

tievine trumpets

Another shot of the blooms reaching towards the morning sun…and crowding the fig.

purple bindweed-tievine-morning glory

The other day, I saw these from the house, and went to investigate when the Budge was taking his afternoon nap.  They had all but disappeared, to my dismay.  Luckily, these “cool” mornings are making them stay around a bit longer. 🙂

texas bindweed

This tiny Texas Bindweed (Convolvulus equitans) also caught my eye.  Like the Tievine above, it’s also a part of the morning glory family.  These are seriously becoming some of my favorite perennials.

texas bindweed with droplets

And like the Tievine, the flowers disappear during the hotter parts of the day, but reliably come back every morning.texas bindweed scaleAnd for scale, my size 9 foot.

fuzzy leaves cenizo

Here’s some Cenizo (Leucophyllum frutescens) or Texas Sage.  I love both the foliage and flower on this plant.

Cenizo with spider

The fuzzy silver-green leaves are awesome. (Do you see le spider chilling out above the flower? I didn’t notice him until I looked at the pics!)

CenizoThe purple flowers play off the purple house nicely, don’t you think??

zigzag spider web

I encountered this Very Busy Spider (Another Eric Carle book the Budge is crazy about) while trying to get some close ups of the blooms on the Cenizo.  I’m not sure what type she is though.  Any guesses?

monarda lemon bee balm mexican hat ratiba

#PrairieBouquet Lemon Bee Balm (Monarda), Mexican Hat (Ratibida Columnifera) and Indian Blanket (Gaillardia)

Monarda Hugging WedeliaFlower hugs. So sweet.

mullein wiht stock tank

Mullein bloom spikes backed by the still empty stock tank pond.  #dontjudge

spear mallow

Spear Leaf Mallow (Pavonia hastata) in full bloom finally! Unfortunately this is also supposed to be another invasive species in Central Texas as it so readily reseeds, even in my garden. I don’t remember where I even bought this, but I really wish nurseries would specify if a plant is considered invasive for the area on their labels.

irisIn sadder news, I don’t know what’s happening to all my irises.  The foliage is turing brown and it looks as though some insect may be eating it.  I’ve pulled a few up to check the rhizomes for fungal infection or rot, but I got nada.  Any ideas?

Corb and BortzI leave you with a view of a couple of dorky dogs. Ginger and Peach.

6 thoughts on “A Walk Around the Garden Today

    1. Hmm I’m not sure after looking up their size. This little guy/gal was pretty small and it says banana spiders are on average bigger and their webs are different…but maybe this one is breaking the mold??


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