The Hostess With the Mostest

This volunteer Lantana is playing hostess to this ball of paper wasps (Polistes spp.

I stumbled upon these suprisingly peaceful creatures while clearing some cedar. Lucky for me, I didn’t upset the nest too badly. They’re super camo…unless they’re angrily buzzing about. They’re also very beneficial to the garden or landscape, so try to keep them around if you can!
And below is the newest addition to our purple porch:


Isn’t she lovely? Isn’t she wonderful? 🙂

 Let’s hope I don’t kill her. 

One thought on “The Hostess With the Mostest

  1. I didn’t know that paper wasps were helpful to gardens. But my last encounter with a wasp was similar to The Incredible Hulk. Everything was going well until the thing stung me, while I was minding my own business. He didn’t survive the encounter, and neither did his nest.
    Next time, I guess I’ll show more restraint.

    But that looks like a wicked nest…


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