Saturday Splash of Color

Well the Texas game is stressing me out and the Budge is with the grandparents, so what better thing to do to distract myself than post pops of November color?

The Texas Sage (Leucophyllum frutescens) is in full bloom and the pollinators are loving it. 

Budge and I found this little guy with a broken wing, but he was crawling munching on these little sprouts.

bluebonnet sprouts green iridescent beetle

Creeping Lantana going crazy.  purple creeping lantana central texas esperanza
A wild cougar foraging in the Carolina Jessamine Evergreen Primrose Jasmine.

orange tabby cat primrose jasmine

A Liatris gone to seed. liatris seeds gayfeather texas wildflower
A pretty little bouquet of pink for the honey bees.  Anyone know what they are?

Thank you November! Anything blooming or going to seed in your neck of the woods?

6 thoughts on “Saturday Splash of Color

  1. I went to Reimer’s Ranch yesterday and saw a beautiful reddish under story plant blooming. I’m not sure what it was… I also saw lots of huge ant colonies on the trail, the kind that are huge and look like the could eat a person!

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