So easy a toddler can do it!

…composting that is! 

gardening with a toddler
Please excuse the weeds, ladder and garbage. And the toddler’s twisted pants.

For Christmas, I received this awesome little composter by Envirocycle. (Thanks padres!) According to their website, it’s touted as the “Cadillac” of composters and “the most beautiful composter in the world.”  Yay for companies with a sense of humor! We decided to go the contained route versus making a pile because “ain’t nobody got time for that…and Budge likes to play in garbage. Such a charming child. 😜

envirocycle composter
Note the yogurt stache.

But one thing is for sure, this now 2 year old (how did that happen???!), loves to help me with it! He rolled it to its resting place where, after spinning it every few days (also a super fun thing for said child),will make gross, organic awesomeness in the form of compost and compost tea! 

I’ll let you know how it turns out, since our first batch is still cooking. 

 kitchen composter organic gardening 
Need another fun daily activity for a toddler? Taking my also-new-Christmas-gift kitchen compost keeper out to said composter. He throws a fit if he’s not the one to dump it in. #typicaltwoyearold 

So far this thing has worked really great and has no smell…that I can detect. 

I feel like I’m on my way to becoming a real gardener Mister Geppetto!

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