Who needs roses…

…when you can have rosettes! Mangave ‘bloodspot’ rosettes to boot!  This was by far one of the best Valentine’s Days to date!

Mangave bloodspot agave hybrid succulent

Our date ended with a lot of planty goodness and not a single one is dead…yet. A couple of Flowering Quince ‘Texas Scarlet’–I already have one of these and was led to believe it would only bloom once in early spring, however she bloomed all spring, all summer (even after losing all her leaves and then growing back), all fall and all ?winter? (If that’s what we’re calling it..) so naturally, I needed more.

transporting plants
And of course some cactus, succulents and slag glass (not pictured). The little succulent/cacti pots were only $1 each!! Love me some Living Desert Cactus nursery (where our day began).

living desert cactus spicewood slag glass succulents
And as per usual, no date for this plant nerd would be complete without heading to The Natural Gardener with my honey. Aaaand because the Wildflower Center teamed up with TNG for Member Appreciation month, we got 20% off two of the most expensive plants since both the hubs and I are members!

natural gardener dwarf yapon caterpillars
As seen in the butterfly garden, some dwarf yaupons turned caterpillars!

natural gardener dwarf yapon caterpillar
And some rainbow fence post inspiration.

the natural gardener austin rainbow fence posts butterfly garden diy
And some things I still need…😉

the natural gardener austin pottery
the natural gardener austin butterfly garden
Don’t these two gargoyles look exactly like a corgi and border collie standing guard. We thought so too.

the natural gardener austin garden decor
the natural gardener austin garden decor
And lastly, a little pink (peach blossom at my parents’ house) and red (possumhaw ‘Warrens Red’ berries) wrapped up this most wonderful of Valentine’s Days…

peach blossom in central texas
possumhaw 'warrens red' berries
Thank you sweet husband for indulging/encouraging my plant geekness.

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