Wednesday Wildflowers

What to do on a rainy day…

Post photos of wildflowers that are starting to pop up! Four Nerve Daisy Prairie Style GardenFour nerve daisy. (Thanks for the positive confirmation Linda L!)

Bue Gilia Prairie Style Garden Rocky Soil FlowerBlue Gilia

Fringed Puccoon small yellow texas wildflowers Highlighter yellow: Fringed Puccoon.

blackfoot daisy Prairie Style Garden Texas
Blackfoot Daisy with some bluebonnet foliage in the bottom left corner.

Indian Paintbrush Texas Prairie Style GardenRed Indian Paintbrush

Orange Indian Paintbrush Texas Prairie Style GardenA Peachy-orange Indian Paintbrush.

Purple tenpetal anemone bluebonnet leavesTenpetal Anemone, again pushing its way through the bluebonnet foliage.

bluebonnets with the stock tank Bluebonnets. Can’t wait for these bad boys to explode in unison and of course the obligatory “Baby-in-the-Bluebonnets” photo.

**Visit me on Instagram: @victoryotdeathgarden to see photos between posts**

3 thoughts on “Wednesday Wildflowers

    1. Thanks for the ID and comment Linda!…although some of them might’ve been taken yesterday too before the rains really came down (shh don’t tell anyone!)


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