March Foliage Follow-up

Since we’re trying to transform our back garden, there’s not much of anything, foliage or otherwise, but here’s the little bit I do have.

virginia creeper vine on ashe juniper
This is the Virginia Creeper I planted last spring hoping it would take over a cool looking branch on the Cedar (Ashe juniper). It’s deciding to go another route.  Thanks Mother Nature. The above photo was taken on Saturday.

virginia creeper native texas plant
Here it is today. These babies grow fast!

virginia creeper native texas vine
A serious creeper.

purple oxalis container garden
Purple Oxalis shining in the dappled shade. It’s also blooming like crazy, which I’ll show in my belated “bloom day” post.

mangave bloodspot
Mangave ‘Bloodspot’

Budge wanted to touch the “leafs,” so he made sure to do it very carefully…he seems to like the danger of it all. Typical boy, I guess. Also note the oak leaves photo bombing. They’re dropping like crazy now.

One of the oak trees that was looking way too good after those nearly 6 inches of rain we received.

And I leave you with a photo, not from my garden. This Agarita decided it needed to make a statement, so it came up next to my friend’s barn.

If you wanna see more foliage goodness head over to Pam’s site Digging. One of my favorite garden blogs hosting one of my favorite gardening memes!

3 thoughts on “March Foliage Follow-up

  1. Sorry I’m SO late visiting your post, but better late than never, I hope! The agarita against the red barn is amazing — I’m imagining a red stucco wall too. And your oak tree pic is magnificent and sums up an Austin spring perfectly, in all its messy glory. Thanks for the kind words about Digging too!

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