Belated Bloom Day!

Well this was supposed to be posted on Tuesday, but seeing as I was taking care of a sick toddler, my only chance to write was during nap time.

The first (while not in my garden but too good not to post) is this albino Mountain Laurel.

albino white mountain laurel

It still smelled amazing!

white mountain laurel bloom
The spiderwort was just beginning to bloom on Tuesday. It’s such a bright pop of color in the dappled shade of my back garden bed.

The purple Oxalis blooms, I mentioned in my Foliage Follow-up post. So delicate, and so awesome in the super shady spaces of the garden!

purple oxalis flowers

I’ve had this color combo on my Pinterest board for some time after seeing a post about it on Digging. I finally found the perfect color pot from Hill Country Water Gardens Nursery booth at the Austin Home and Garden show with all their pots 40% off! Even the new stuff!

purple oxalis perfect in container garden
purple oxalis closed blooms
And I’m getting grapey goodness two times around, since our Mountain Laurel in the back bed is just now blooming. Thank you microclimates!

late mountain laurel blooms microclimates
The English lavender is also abloom with its cute bunny ears 🐇 just in time for Easter.

english lavender blooms
My new possumhaw is also blooming and the bees are loving it! I think I like the white bark even more than the blooms.

possumhaw blooms
Wild Garlic is coming up all over, especially in the rocky sunny areas. A proven victor in my book.

And I stumbled upon this Anemone going to seed right before a giant storm hit. Not a bloom per say, but still so pretty.

ten petal anemone seeds

This lovely native, I believe is Texas Plains Indian Breadroot. Its leaves look similar to a Bluebonnet, but it shoots straight up and the blooms are a deep purple.

wildflower texas plains indian breadroot
Another native, our Texas Redbud tree, with only one bloom this year??? So odd.

texas redbud up close

And one of my favorites, that I got at Home Depot of all places almost 5 years ago, the Blue Elf aloe, blooming under the cedars (Ashe junipers).

blue elf alo blooms

And I leave you with our most treasured of blooms here in Texas. The Bluebonnet and his pollinator friend.

bluebonnet and bee

Even ginger got in on smelling the blooms!

Thanks again to Carol at May Dreams Gardens for hosting such a fun gardening meme!

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