Sunday Funday Wildflowers

While the Hubs and Budge are away…Mama will take pictures and write a blog post (without a little budge on her back or ‘typin’ on her keyboard) #Winning

This variegated bluebonnet was featured on my Instagram a few weeks ago, but I thought it was too pretty not share again.
variegated bluebonnet

Look at that symmetry. Reminds me of the talking pansies in Alice in Wonderlnad.
variegated bluebonnet

And while the bluebonnets are starting to fade from heat and pure exhaustion (they’ve been blooming here since the beginning of March!),
purple bluebonnet others are taking their place.

Antelope Horns (Asclepias asperula) is a native milkweed AKA butterfly food!
antelope horns milkweed

I love how the flowers look like the little star gummies from Whole Foods.
antelope horns milkweed

The seeds on these guys are pretty cool too. Note to self to get a picture…
monarch waystation

Prairie fleabane seen growing in a natural area on a rocky slope.
prairie fleabane

It glows in the western sun beneath some small live oaks.
prairie fleabane rocky slope

Crow Poison (Northosocrum bivalve) also catches ones eye and smells amazing. It looks similar to Wild Garlic/Onion but is usually white and doesn’t have the telltale smells of oniony leaves.
crow poison flowers

Blue Gilia, one of me faves, because ya know I like anything blue and/or purple.
blue gilia flowers

A wider shot with Blue Gilia, Blackfoot Daisy and Four Nerve Daisy.
texas wildflowers purple white yellow

And another fave, Blue Eyed Grass (the pinks are Wild Garlic/Onion)
blue eyed grass texas native plant

The Cedar Sage, a native which I planted and then transplanted, is doing great and putting on a beautiful show and feast for the Hummers.
cedar sage texas native plant

The purple color of the Prairie Verbena looks almost fake in the shady natural light of our front yard.
purple prairie verbena texas wildflower

I had never seen this wildflower in yard before yesterday, but it’s so cute. Venus’ Looking Glass (Triodanis perfoliata)
venus looking glass texas wildflower

This pretty little guy always stumps me as to what it is. I’ve looked on my favorite app: Wildflowers of Central Texas and it really looks like it could be several different species and yet none. The flower reminds me of a Four Nerve Daisy, but I have those and the foliage looks completely different. Any ideas?
yellow texas wildflower

I can’t get enough of these Orange Indian Paintbrushes. You can see the natural red color in the background and following pictures.
orange indian paintbrush

In fact, we’ve never had this many Paintbrushes ever!
bluebonnets and indian paintbrushes texas wildflowers

Love that lipstick red, and we didn’t even have to drive anywhere to see this beautiful display!
texas wildflowers castilleja

6 thoughts on “Sunday Funday Wildflowers

  1. What a gorgeous collection. I am REALLY bad at identifying yellow composite flowers and without the leaves I feel like it is probably super irresponsible of me to make these suggestions but … coreopsis or maybe greenthread?

    Liked by 1 person

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