April 2016 Bloom Day!

Well I posted quite a few wildflower pics on my recent Sunday Funday post, but after taking a short stroll around, I have even more blooming just a few days later.

Amazingly fragrant kidneywood texas kidneywood

Fragrant Mimosa at the end of bloom. fragrant pink mimosa

Some form of Lantana growing and blooming wildly in the front yard. Note the Mexican Hat foliage coming up around it and surrounded by some very purple Wild Garlic.  lantana

Looks like pink lemonade to me. pink and yellow lantana bloom

Oh the geometry of it all!!pink and yellow lantana  texas native lantana

Shrimp plant’s first test run in the garden. It’s in dappled shade for most of the day.
shrimp plant bloom

Wild Garlic with a cute green bee. I’ve actually never seen this much Wild Garlic here. Maybe it was our non-winter?wild garlic onion

Pink Globe Mallow still blooming its little heart out and being photo bombed by a cute little critter.
pink globe mallow

Tacoma Stans “Bells on Fire”-I found this beauty on one of the sale racks at Lowes 50% off! I have no idea why, and less than two weeks later it’s blooming like crazy. tecoma stans bells on fire

red esperanza tecoma stans

Blue Eyed Grass in a natural area on the property. 
blue eyed grass

Purple Heart, another plant that never died back during the winter is putting on quite the show. purple heart bloom

The first Zexmenia with another little photo bomber. Anyone know what it is? These will bloom until the weather gets cold. zexmenia hairy wedelia

Goodwin Creek Lavender is in bloom. When I was at a friend’s house for a play date. I noted a very pretty, and turns out unintentional, plant combination of lavender growing in and around a spineless prickly pear. We’ll see if I can replicate it…goodwin creek lavender

Petunias in a hanging basket smell amazing, but I’ve noticed only the purple varieties are aromatic (which is why I buy them…) I think this is a red admiral caterpillar?? They’re everywhere!

And I have no idea what these yellow flowers are…maybe weeds…but they sure look pretty with the fading bluebonnets.

Visit May Dreams Garden for more bloomy goodness.

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