Just Another Monarch Monday…

Whoaaaaa whoa🎶

This guy/gal was hanging out on a native milkweed, known in here as Antelop Horns. Monarch caterpillar munching on milkweed

Believe it or not, this was my first time spotting them in the “wild”monarch caterpillar

Smaller monarch caterpillar on a different milkweed plant. baby monarch caterpillar

And although it’s not a Monarch, the Black Swallowtail is just as beautiful. Black Swallotail on Prairie Vervain

It was in a trance-like state, hanging onto Prairie Vervain.
Black Swallotail on Prairie Vervain

A Dusky-blue Groundstreak was using a different part of the Milkweed. Dusky Blue Groundstreak on Milkweed

And while this has nothing to do with butterflies, I thought these unidentifiable plants were pretty. 

The berries were chartreuse green just last Friday.

Assuming/hoping it’s a native plant…

And doesn’t this like kinda like a rose bush?? Although I’ve seen no buds of any sort. 

Native Rain Lily.
White Rain Lily  Rain Lily
And the best find this manic Monarch Monday: a Haworthia, that I threw out back in December because I was sure it was dead. Haworthia

I was picking some weeds, and found it and some pups underneath, green and thriving! It’s now been replanted. A victory for sure!!
Found Succulent Haworthia

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