Wordless Wednesday: National Wildflower Week!!

Bluebonnets, Firewheels, and Common Hedge Parsley (AKA the bane of my dogs’ existence and non-native)
Indian Blanket Wildflower
Indian Blanket or Firewheel

indian blanket

Western Venus' Looking Glass
Western Venus’ Looking Glass
Texas Blue Sage
Texas or Blue Sage
Slender Greenthread
Slender Greenthread??
Prairie Fleabane
Blackfoot Daisy
Blackfoot Daisy
Garden Corgi
Ginger relaxing
Mexican Hat
Mexican Hat and some pollinator

Mexican Hat

NOID they were tiny similar to a Bindweed
False Dayflower
False Dayflower
Two Leaf Senna
Two Leaf Senna blooming two years in a row!
Rock Flax
Rock Flax
False Night Shade
False Nightshade

The following four pictures were taken at my parents’ place in the Dripping Springs area.

Texas Thistle Seed Head
Texas Thistle seed head
Texas Thistle


Horehound blooms

Again in the Dripping Springs area:


St. Martin De Porres Catholic Church
River of Gold!
St. Martin De Porres Catholic Church
Wildflower meadow in the Texas Hill Country


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