Adventures in Weeding

So this past April and May, we’ve had what feels like ton of rain here in the Austin area! And the weeds are loving it. 😖

Texas Beggars Lice aka Spreading Hedgeparsley

Especially the Spreading Hedgeparsley (we always grew up calling it Beggar’s Lice). This stuff gets into the dogs’ fur, socks, the toddler’s shirt, everything and is supposedly an invasive species. 

spreading hedgeparsleythe worst of weeds

It’s now got even more than what’s pictured, mostly in part due to my husband’s efforts. Get it boy. 

It’s pretty easy to pull up with its long tap root. 

Hedgeparsley tap root

The burrs even stick to skin…

And the nut sedge is coming up as fast as I can pull it. Ugh. Below, it’s coming up all the way through the bag. nutsedge

But now for some pretties!
Monarda is starting to bloom. Monarda texas wildflowerMonarda texas wildflowerMonarda texas wildflower

Solid yellow Mexican Hat. solid yellow columnifera ratibida

Gaillardia and Zexmenia still going strong. texas wildflowers gaillardia zexmenia

Good thing I didn’t grab a handful of him. 

Or him. 

And speaking of organic gardening…oh wait…below are just some cool pics of ladybugs doing what they do best: eating aphids. 

ladybug on the prowlaphidsorganic gardening ladybugGet it ladybug. ladybug eating aphid

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