Mushy Monday

So it’s been raining in Austin…a lot. I’m not complaining, I just wish it would space itself out a little, instead of these deluges that drown my drought-tolerant plants. 

Well someone enjoys these growing conditions. 🍄red capped mushroom

And I think this is Bird Wing Passionflower vine. 
bird wing passionflower vine

The Gulf Fritillary caterpillars are all over it, and range in size from tiny…gardening with a toddler

…to obese!gulf fritillary caterpillar

Seriously, this guy has got to start creating a cocoon soon. gulf fritillary caterpillar on passionvine

No idea the plant or insect species, but I like how his spots echo those on the plant. 

And this might be a Ceraunus Blue?? Not sure though. 
Ceraunus Blue butterfly?

Yellow Bells Esperanza blooming. yellow bells esperanza

With some False Day Flower. false day flower

I thought this eaten up Sevenleaf Creeper looked neat. I didn’t plant this so, I’m not upset by the damage. sevenleaf creeper

Making our way towards the pond, the Dwarf Papyrus is blooming prettily. 
dwarf papyrus bloom

Budge rearranging some rocks for me. stock tank pond

And this is a new development. I have no idea what this crusty stuff stuck to the rock is. You can easily pop those little bubbles. Anyone know?

A passalong Monarda given to me by Diana at Sharing Nature’s Garden is blooming, even though I still don’t have it in the ground…yet! monarda

And lastly, a chewed up Indian Blanket. Hope it’s tasty grasshopper. gaillardia and grasshopper

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