Thank goodness it’s Friday and that it’s not raining anymore. Our 8 in rain gauge was spilling over when we returned home on Tuesday, and it continued to rain up until yesterday. glass rain gauge

The Rain Lilies approved. white rain lilies

During a break in the rain a Turks Cap berry appeared!turks cap berry

And now the flowers have come back!turks cap bloom

Two purple signs that fall is near: 

1. American Beauty Berries are ripeamerican beauty berry

2. Liatris is starting to bloom right on schedule!texas purple liatris flower

And some garden goodness: 

A big a** spider. Seriously he/she is huge. He caught a dragonfly right after I took this. 

The purple leaf pepper profiled in my July Foliage Follow-up is blooming with tiny purple flowers. purple flash pepper

Cloud drama. hill country sky

Live Oak drama. Surrounded by a giant Evergreen Sumac (not of the poisonous variety). 💚💚live oak and evergreen sumac

4 thoughts on “TGIF

  1. You have a wonderful native plant collection. Love the berries on the beauty berry. If only the mocking bird would let them be. I notice you have a rain gauge like one I have. I wasn’t very smart when I bought it not noticing that the top of the tube was flared. Unfortunately it doesn’t give an accurate reading because of that because they didn’t take this into consideration. It needs someone to calculate the difference.

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    1. Thanks Jenny! Luckily for me, the dogs and cat have kept the mockers and scrub jays away…for now. And I’ll have to look into getting a new tube! When I told my husband, he replied, “I know. I just liked imagining we got more rain than we actually did.” LOL I’m glad somebody let me know!


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