The Most Anticipated Bloom!

So for a while now I’ve been finding and photographing the Gulf Fritillary caterpillar and butterfly. When I first looked into them, I found out that their larval host plant was the Passionvine. However, I never planted one, and couldn’t find the source vine (dun dun duhhhnn) until this spring!

bird wing passionvine

The native Passiflora tenuiloba or Bird wing Passionflower (wonder how it got the name???) blends in so well with the other plants around, that it’s often overlooked…except by butterflies and caterpillars. bird wing passionvine

This Anole and myself have been checking everyday for blooms, and I had started to lose hope in ever seeing one. green anole passionvine

And then BOOM. More than one! This plant exploded with blooms. passiflora tenuiloba

I love how tiny and green and absolutely perfect these little alien flowers are. passiflora tenuiloba 

Here are some more buds. 
slender lobe passionvine

Here’s another shot of the foliage (but this might be another variety of native passionvine). native texas passionvine

And some more gardeny goodness: native Kidneywood is bursting with blooms and should probably be renamed “Smells-like-Heaven Shrub.”kidneywood

And the huge a** spider has upgraded to the penthouse with a view. texas sized spider

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