A Little of This…

And a little of that for September’s Bloom Day (hosted by May Dreams Gardens)

Tecoma stans ‘Bells of Fire’ is looking good and filling in nicely in the big blue pot. While the orange bulbine is still blooming its head off. Both have asked very little of me in terms of attention and water. #myfavorites

With our very weird weather (mild temps in the low 90s and frequent thunderstorms) even the spurge is looking nice!

Some deep shade bloomers: Wild petunia and Lantana. 

The white blooms of the Evergreen Sumac and the Kidneywood are winning all the bees…and scary tarantula hawks.

A cluster of dime sized NOID flowers growing happily in the limestone hillside. 

And some more unidentified yellow:Feel free to enlighten me as to what these plants are!This vine (edited: Rhynchosia latifolia Prairie Snoutbean. Thanks Delta Dawn Gardens!) is growing up a dead fig tree sucker. 

Now for something pink that I can identify, native Small Palafoxia is an eye catcher if you’re looking for wildflowers (with yellow Zexmenia in the background).

Not sure if I should be including this next one here or my foliage follow-up post, but I’m pretty sure this is Side Oats Grama grass. The state grass of Texas, y’all! Those little red seeds sure do look like flowers!

And some super tall butterfly food: Frostweed! Some plants are taller than 6 ft. I’ll try to get some pictures of it come winter, so you can see where it gets its common name…or you could google it. 

And some more white, or rather silver. Silver Puff (Chaptalia texana) is blooming again. 

The pond is still performing beautifully, although I think the Taro would prefer to be in less sun. 

It even attracts wildlife! I’ve been trying to capture this Pokemon for weeks now!

It’s Rowdy approved.

Is there something blooming in your neck of the woods?

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