On Frozen Pond

It was colder than a _______. (My word choice would probably be inappropriatešŸ¤”) Ā The stock tank pond was frozen more than an inch solid after sub freezing temps for two days.


The Colorado water lilies are hardy here so should do fine although they’ll probably turn to mush for the rest of winter.


I sunk the marginal (bog) plants like Dwarf Ā Papyrus (above) and the native buttonbush (below).


And this Aquatic Milkweed.

Since we have some native Gambusias, I opted to pour hot water to help melt the ice versus using to some sort of tool to break it up.


Although you can’t really tell, that little chartreuse papyrus puff is still under a sheet of ice. Those reflections tho…

Before the hot water: “Mommy the ice is good for drawing on! See?!?!”

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