After the Blue Northern

It’s finally back into the 60s (Fahrenheit) here, so some of the tender plants can come back out into the sun.



Like this Opuntia. Not sure what species though. Maybe macrocentra or gosseliniana??


A Moby Jr. From Pam Penick’s famous and deceased Agave ovatifolia (whales tongue).



I did lose a couple of plants from the 50 degree drop we had last Saturday. Like the blue elf aloe below. I did pull up the biggest part of the plant that still had an unaffected portion. Time will tell if it survives.


This native Echinocereus reichenbachii is a few years old and used to stand up straight…🤔 #theMOSTphalliclookingcactus 😁


A couple more deaths: the gulf fritillary butterfly was hanging onto the dwarf papyrus after dragging it back up towards the surface. Beautifully preserved though. And I’m happy to report that I still have both my arms after having to pull up this and a couple other sunken bog plants.


The grapes gomphrena bit the dust but the flowers dried out nicely!

This Agave ‘Royal Spines’ got a visitor who luckily survived!



2 thoughts on “After the Blue Northern

  1. I lost some succulents during that Arctic blast too. But I bet your Blue Elf aloe will survive. I’ve had one in a pot for about 15 years. I love the prickly pear pads nestled in the purple glass. Hope that Moby Jr grows well for you!

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    1. So a couple weeks later it looks like a big chunk of the blue elf will carry on! And Moby Jr is loving the warm and sunny weather we’re currently experiencing. Crazy Texas weather.


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