A teacher turned stay-at-home mom and newbie gardener in Austin, TX.  I’m trying to transform our rocky, Death-Star-facing slope into a manageable, xeric garden while wrangling a toddler, 1 cat (RIP Honey cat), 2 dogs and 1 husband.



5 thoughts on “About

  1. I too find myself newly planted on a rocky, western slope. I’m excited about the possibilities. Glad I found you through IG. We can share successes and commiserations. 😘

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  2. Love your pictures! I feel like I am walking down the trail with you. I love gardening, but because of Lupus, I have to indulge only in container gardening. I want to try growing Texas wild flowers in pottery. Have you by chance tried that before?

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    1. Thank you Angie!! I have never tried growing the wildflowers in a container but now I think I’ll try! I know they sell bluebonnets in the local nurseries during early spring. I have been growing some native flowering perennials (i.e. Tecoma stans “bells of fire”) in pots (wonderful since I essentially do nothing but occasionally water). If you get to planting before me, let me know how it goes. Also Central Texas Gardener (on PBS and/or YouTube) just filmed an entire segment on patio/container gardening. Thanks for reading and sharing with me!!!


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