So long 80s…

We’re supposed to be getting a cold front tomorrow…so some views from the garden before the rain and sub-80 degree weather. 

The water Lilies have long since stopped blooming, but I did introduce a couple new plants. Aquatic milkweed in the back (purchased at the Wildflower Center Plant Sale), surviving but not thriving (looks like 2 sticks). The other new addition, in front, is the Buttonbush

Loving the few red berries I have on this Possumhaw in a blue pot. 

Senna Artemsiodes is new purchase from Barton Springs Nursery. I love the fine, silvery foliage. 
Another recent addition, this NOID agave bought at Wimberley Market Days for $2! (It was busting out of its gallon sized pot)

What comes to mind when you see this? For me, it’s Motherhood. 😏
And since this post is Foliage driven, I’ll make it my Foliage Follow-up for November! Check out more over at Digging

4 thoughts on “So long 80s…

  1. Great looking agave find! Maybe it’ll be easier to ID as it gets bigger. Baby agaves can look very similar across species. As for the 80-degree temps, I’m so happy to say goodbye to those and hello 60s and 70s!

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