DIY Rain Chain!

Ok, so if you read the post about my slag glass DIY, you’d know that I didn’t have an exact plan for all those pieces of glass, so they sat in the hanging fruit basket…for months.

Well, one night, I was browsing Pinterest and dreaming about gutters and a rainwater collection system and saw a post about DIY rain chains.

So naturally, I redirected my thinking. All those pieces of pretty glass.  What to make?? #onlyslightlyADD

And so the slag glass rain chain was born and hung up just in time for our rain to be done with!  pretty rain gauge

Seriously, almost 6 inches over 4 days, and this baby didn’t see any of it. Oh well. Next time.

DIY slag glass rain chain

The finished product! Kind of rainbowy (pretty sure that’s not a word…)

DIY slag glass rain chain

Catching the afternoon sunlight!

slag glass rain chain and rainwater collection

Into a purple bowl that was left behind by previous owners.

I seriously can’t even.

diy slag glass rain chain

diy slag glass  rain chain

This was before we moved it to its final resting place on the corner of the house, but you get to see a hint of what I’ve been doing in the back flower bed. Breaking my back.

Wanna make one yourself?


  • Various sizes/number/color of slag glass. (I got mine at Living Desert Ranch)
  • Some 20 gauge wire (available at most craft stores)  I used 3 eight yard rolls and was left with very little after making an almost 10 ft chain. how to make a rain chain
  • Needle nose pliers (to help cut and twist)
  • Gloves and safety goggles (recommend when handling slag glass because it can chip very easily)
  • An old bath towel to lay your pieces out on if working on your nice dining table.  how to make a rain chain with slag glass

Directions: fold the wire in half and leave enough space for a loop. Then start twisting! Add in a piece of glass and twist/wrap until you think it’s secure. Then repeat!

There you have it. You’re impressed at my comprehensive and easy to read directions aren’t you??😜 But seriously, if you have questions, I’d be more than happy to answer.

And now I leave you with a shot of my fancy “rainwater collection” and trash can (no it doesn’t live there permanently, just while the hubs was mad busy cleaning off the porch and other remodeling debris so we can keep working on these “bones.”)

diy rain chain and rainwater collection

So whatcha think? Of the rain chain that is…

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